Monday, January 17, 2011

Broken plates, dropped dough, and a full house!!

We finally did it, we opened! We decided that it was now or never and that we were never turning back! Yes there were some broken plates, entire dough trays that were dropped, ventilation issues, no alcohol, some lost tickets, and missing tables, but other then that it was amazing!!! What I mean is there were the expected glitches but our fantastic staff and supportive customers helped us through any problems. We are preparing for a staff meeting tonight, where we will continue to work through some of the issues, to increase service quality and work on the to-go aspect. I am very happy with how the opening went, especially considering we did not advertise and our staff had to hit the ground running full speed! Here are some pictures taken Sunday!Devin tossing some pizza dough, showing off his skills for the camera!

Putting a pizza in the oven, turning it around the fire to reach its golden perfection!

The Queen Margerhita, what a beauty!

Customers starting coming in quickly once they realized we were open!

Beautiful looking basil, one of favorite ingredients, right up there with olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and San Marzano tomatoes!

The Sundried Tomato and Italian Chicken Sausage Pasta!
Happy owners, happy to be open, even happy to be doing dishes, running food, busing tables, and of course making pizza and pastas! Looking forward to many years ahead of great pizza, delicious beer and wine, and a fun casual atmosphere!